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SQLite Database

According to the SQLite homepage, "SQLite is a software library that implements a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine. SQLite is the most widely deployed SQL database engine in the world." SQLite lets you set up a database that resides entirely in a single file on a persistent storage device.


Needed NuGets: GHIElectronics.TinyCLR.Data.SQLite

The code below is a simple example that creates a database file in RAM (SD cards and USB drives can be used as well). A table is created, a few rows are filled, and then this data is read from the database. This data is then iterated over and printed out. ColumnNames returns the name of each of the columns.

using System.Collections;
using System.Diagnostics;
using GHIElectronics.TinyCLR.Data.SQLite;

using (var db = new SQLiteDatabase()) {

    Debug.WriteLine("Executing 1...");
    db.ExecuteNonQuery("CREATE TABLE Test (Var1 TEXT, Var2 INTEGER, Var3 DOUBLE);");

    Debug.WriteLine("Executing 2...");
    db.ExecuteNonQuery("INSERT INTO Test(Var1, Var2, Var3) VALUES ('Hello, World!', 25, 3.14);");

    Debug.WriteLine("Executing 3...");
    db.ExecuteNonQuery("INSERT INTO Test(Var1, Var2, Var3) VALUES('Goodbye, World!', 15, 6.28); ");

    Debug.WriteLine("Executing 4...");
    db.ExecuteNonQuery("INSERT INTO Test (Var1) VALUES('Red'),('Blue'),('Green'),('White');");

    Debug.WriteLine("Executing 5...");
    var result1 = db.ExecuteQuery("SELECT Var1 FROM Test;");

    Debug.WriteLine("Executing 6...");
    var result2 = db.ExecuteQuery("SELECT Var1, Var2, Var3 FROM Test WHERE Var2 > 10;");

    Debug.WriteLine("Executing 7...");
    var result3 = db.ExecuteQuery("SELECT Var1, Var2, Var3 FROM Test WHERE Var2 BETWEEN 24 AND 26");

    Debug.WriteLine("Executing 7...");
    Debug.WriteLine(result2.ColumnCount.ToString() + " " +

    var str = "";

    //foreach (var j in result1.ColumnNames)
    //    str += j + " ";


    foreach (ArrayList i in result1.Data) {
        str = "";

        foreach (object j in i)
            str += j.ToString() + " ";


    foreach (ArrayList i in result2.Data) {
        str = "";

        foreach (object j in i)
            str += j.ToString() + " ";


    foreach (ArrayList i in result3.Data) {
        str = "";

        foreach (object j in i)
            str += j.ToString() + " ";


Omitted commands & features

In order to reduce the memory requirements, some commands and features of SQLite have been omitted. Below is a table of those omitted features. For more information regarding these omissions see the SQLite Website.

Omitted Command or Feature
ALTER TABLE Executing the statement causes a parse error
ANALYZE Command omitted from the build
ATTACH ATTACH and DETACH commands are omitted
REINDEX Executing the statement causes a parse error
AUTOMATIC INDEX Feature omitted from the build
AUTHORIZATION Authorization callback feature omitted
AUTOINCREMENT Feature omitted from the build
AUTOVACCUM Feature omitted from the build
BLOB LITERAL Not possible to specify a blob in an SQL statement using X'ABCD' syntax
CTE Common Table Expressions omitted from the build
DATETIME FUNCS SQL functions julianday(), date(), time(), datetime() and strftime() are not available
DEPRECATED Omitted support for interfaces marked deprecated by SQLite
EXPLAIN Executing the statement causes a parse error
FLAG PRAGMAS PRAGMA commands that query and set boolean properties omitted
FOREIGN KEY Foreign key constraint syntax is not recognized
HEX INTEGER Support for Hexadecimal integer literals omitted
INCRBLOB Support for incremental BLOB I/O omitted
INTEGRITY CHECK Support for integrity check pragma omitted
LIKE OPTIMIZATION Feature to help resolve LIKE and GLOB operators in a WHERE clause omitted
LOAD EXTENSION Extension loading mechanism omitted
LOCALTIME "localtime" modifier from the date and time functions omitted
LOOKASIDE Lookaside memory allocator omitted
OR OPTIMIZATION Index together with terms of a WHERE clause connected by the OR operator, disabled.
PAGER PRAGMAS Pragmas related to the pager subsystem omitted from the build
PRAGMA P ragma command has been omitted
PROGRESS CALLBACK "progress" callbacks capability during long-running SQL statements omitted.
QUICKBALANCE Omitted an alternative, faster B-Tree balancing routine.
SCHEMA PRAGMAS Pragmas for querying the database schema from the build omitted
SCHEMA VERSION PRAGMAS Pragmas for querying & modifying the database schema and user versions omitted
SHARED CACHE Support for shared-cache mode has been omitted
SUBQUERY Support for sub-selects and the IN() operator are omitted.
TCL VARIABLE "$" syntax used to automatically bind SQL variables to TCL variables is omitted.
TEMPDB Support for TEMP or TEMPORARY tables omitted
TRACE Sqlite3_profile() and sqlite3_trace() interfaces and their associated logic omitted
TRIGGER TRIGGER objects omitted. CREATE TRIGGER or DROP TRIGGER commands are unavailable
TRUNCATE OPTIMIZATION Removing this feature only affects the speed of operation
UTF16 Support for UTF16 text encoding has been omitted.
VIRTUALTABLE Virtual Table mechanism in SQLite omitted.
XFER OPT Removed optimization that help INSERT faster
WAL Write-ahead log capability omitted.

More Info

Further details on SQLite can be found at the official SQLite website