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Analog Out


A Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) will convert a digital input (number) to an analog output (voltage).

The voltage of a DAC usually swings from very close to zero volts up to nearly the voltage of the microcontroller (usually 3.3 volts). This output voltage is only a weak signal and is not meant to drive a load. An op-amp or similar circuit can be added to drive a load, such as a speaker.

The param accepted by the api is from 0.0 to 1.0. This is ratio from 0V to the microcontroller's voltage source, 3.3V on SITCore.


SC20xxx and SC13xxx support 12 bit resolution.

var dac = DacController.GetDefault();
var analog = dac.OpenChannel(SC20100.Dac.PA4);

double d = 0.5;
double dd = 0.01;

while (true) {
    d += dd;
    if (d <= 0 || d >= 1)
        dd *= -1;   //Invert

Do not use analog outputs to control the power of an LED or a motor. Use PWM for that.


PWM can also be used to output an analog voltage. Click here for details.

Audio Playback

WAV audio playback can be done using an analog output pin. See Audio Playback.