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NETMF includes 2 timer classes, Timer and ExtendedTimes. Timer class is the same one included in full framework where ExtendedTimer is specific to NETMF with extra functionality.

A timer example

This example creates a timer that will run after five seconds and then it will keep firing every second.

Note: the time parameters expect times in milliseconds.

using System.Threading;
using Microsoft.SPOT;

public class Program
    class OurClass
        public int x;

    static void RunMe(object o)
        OurClass cls = (OurClass)o;
        Debug.Print("From timer!");
        Debug.Print("Value: " + cls.x.ToString());

    public static void Main()
        OurClass cls = new OurClass();
        cls.x = 5;

        Timer MyTimer =
           new Timer(new TimerCallback(RunMe), cls, 5000, 1000);
               "The timer will fire in 5 seconds and then fire priodically every 1 second");