Table of Contents

Firmware Update


If you need to update the loader, it should always be done before updating the firmware. See your device's developers' guide or manual for more detail on updating the loader.

Connect your device to your PC.

Launch FEZ Config and click on Check device for update button. This will show the version numbers on the PC and what is loaded on the device.


Fez Config is installed when you install the NETMF SDK.

To proceed with updating TinyCLR, click on the Firmware Updater button on the left and follow the instructions.

FEZ Config Utility

After FEZ Config selects the firmware and the default configuration files, click Next.

Firmware and Config Files

Click OK to proceed when the dialog appears asking if you are having issues.

Updating Firmware

As the update occurs, the steps and progress are shown. When it is finished, the module is ready to be flashed with NETMF applications.