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The SITCore line of products provides an easy way to create secure IoT and embedded devices that are programmable in C# using Visual Studio, thanks to TinyCLR OS. Designed with security as a top priority, your intellectual property is protected through device code protection, secure encrypted in-field and OTA update, and secure booting.

Getting Started

Get started quickly with SITCore and TinyCLR OS.
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System on Chip

SITCore SC20100S

Secure IoT chips that run C# and support debugging over USB.
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System on Modules

SITCore SoMs

Available as a surface mount module and a 200 pin SO-DIMM module.
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Development Boards

SITCore Dev Board

Get started quickly with one of our development boards -- you'll be programming in minutes!
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Single Board Computers

Single Board Computers

Our single board computers provide the lowest barrier of entry to the world of TinyCLR OS
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The SITCore product family is empowered by TinyCLR OS, which lets you program your devices in C# or Visual Basic using Microsoft's Visual Studio -- and the development tools are free!
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You can also visit our main website at main website and our community forum.